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Hi, I am Pushkar.

I am an aspring full stack developer familiar with the javascript ecosystem. I code, make YouTube videos and try to solve to solve problems with my understanding of psychology and computer science.

In the early years of my life, all I wanted to be was a professional football player. I optimised my day and night for it. At a point, I used to train 5 hours per day for my dream, but eventually I got burnt out.

What I did gain from my years of hardwork was the mentality to be able to teach myself anything and the curiosity towards psychology.

So I decided to study psychology in college, and thats where I statrted to get interested in web developement. Initially, it was just to make my own website, but then I grew in love with programming and I started to work hard to become a full-stack developer.


These days I am focused on using my web development skill to solve problems around me. I am also an active learner and the skills that I am currently learning apart from web development are design and machine learning.

One more thing

I love interacting with people on ideas and I love having long walks. So, if you ever have some ideas to talk about, mail me at and we can schedule a long walk…