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Passion, Purpose, and Practice

Is this on the test? , is a quite familiar phrase back in school with the idea that if it is in the test, then I should study it. basically trading time and effort for an  “A” on the report card, but when our schooling ends and we are supposed to choose what we want to do for the rest of our lives we start wondering about our purpose and passions.

If we take a close look at the trend of finding purpose, you will realize that before the internet, no one used to ask this question, people used to do the work and start finding love in what they do,  but due to the internet now which popularizes the phrase “follow your passion” we start to believe that only the billionaires, the rich, the so-called entrepreneurs and influencers are living life to the fullest, people with not so flashy job are just mediocre people who have no impact on the world but if you take a close look at the happiest billionaires or famous peoples’ routine, you might realize that most of them are particularly boring people who follow the same routine day in and day out with a lot of work in it. why? because they love their work more than the celebration and that’s where the question of “passion ” comes in, are these people who have found their purpose and are fully committed to their passion? did an angel whisper their purpose when they were 4?

For the most part, people mistake their passion, to find our passion we must ask ourselves “is this on the test?” would we still continue to work on our passions if it was not on the test? would we still be motivated the same if we found out there was no reward attached to it? Anyone who has achieved mastery in their field is deeply committed to the work, not the rewards, the rewards are just the side bonuses.

If you want to be a writer and consider writing being your passion, then the bestsellers list is just a side bonus, the main reward is that you get to do what you love to do, you get to type, you get to think. If being a civil servant is your passion, you don’t need to have a title in front of your name to start serving people, yes the title helps but serving people is what you aimed at in the first place, and if you can still continue to do it even if it’s not on the test, voila! you found yourself a passion.

Since you have found yourself a passion, it’s time to set up a practice. if writing, reading, serving is your passion you need to have a practice dedicated to it, cause if your passion is being a writer, getting up and writing is more important than publishing the great Gatsby because you are in love with writing. sometimes you might hide behind the excuse that “it’s not good enough”, and that’s fine because the writing was your passion, not receiving praises from people, you don’t have to publish it but as the bad writing continues, you will find the good writing somewhere in between, Seth Godin who has 19 bestsellers and has published a blog post every day for the past 20 years says that,

 “most of my posts are below average, I don’t publish a post today cause it’s the best post I’ve ever written, I publish it because I publish a new post every day.” 

“it’s easy to hide behind the perfect tag” but when you realize that your work is somehow making other people’s lives better, maybe you’ve found your purpose, which is bigger than yourself. you don’t have to make money from it, but if you consider it is your passion, you will do it and go back to your practice. 

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