My “Unskilled” School life

I have always wanted to be successful, though my definition of success has evolved, I have always wanted to improve, do the things I love and hopefully make a reasonable amount of money.

And to make money, you should have skills that people are willing to pay you for.

But, in the past 12-13 years of your school life, have you acquired any skill for which someone can pay you?

Because I haven’t, the education we get in school is important but you don’t grow by knowing definitions and formulas, you grow by solving problems by the skills you have acquired.

The more skills you have, the more capable you are of solving problems and the more people are willing to pay you to do that.

Because at the core, what is money?

A way to exchange value right? 

And if you dream of making x amount of money, you are dreaming the wrong thing, 

Instead aim to solve x people’s problems who would then be willing to pay you the money.

You give the world what it needs, and the world gives you what you want.


Elon Musk, in his college years, had three goals in life.

No, being the richest man was not one of his goals, but he had the vision to solve three problems which are

  • Online transactions
  • Electric cars
  • Space travel 

And guess what PayPal, Tesla, SpaceX are doing?

So, I want to ask you this,

Are you solving a problem for which someone can pay you 1000 rupees?

We have been studying for 13 years, and we don’t have a way to solve a 1000 rupee problem?

This late realization has motivated me to perceive the world, not as issues, but problems waiting to be solved.

And to be more capable, I have started with the goal of learning 3 new skills every year.

For now, these skills are Web development, Python, Video Editing.

So, what are you waiting for?

 If you are reading this, you have all the resources you need.

But, What skill should I learn?

Don’t learn something trendy, or something that everyone is doing.

Learn something that will solve your problems.

I started learning web development to make my website.

I started learning python to make bots to handle my Instagram and to remove ads from Spotify and YouTube.

I started learning Video Editing because eventually, I want to start my own YouTube channel.

Don’t learn for the sake of learning, learn to solve your problems.

And once you are skilled enough, start solving others’ problems and make money from them.

If you still believe you don’t have the resources, shoot a comment with the skill you want to learn, I will gather all the resources for you.

Until then,

Keep learning,

Keep growing.

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