How to be resilient and build your self worth

“You are not what you think you are,
You are not what others think you are,
You are what you think others think you are”

When the 12-year-old Hilde Lisko, started her newsletter to cover the crime stories of the people no one cared about, everyone made fun of her, and her loved ones asked her to stop reporting because she was “making a fool of herself.”

But, she never stopped. When she was asked about her resilience and how she manages to do something even when the whole world is against her, she says, “I am a reporter, and I have made myself one, no one gave It to me, so no one can take it away.”

Hilde tied her self worth to who she is, not what others think of her.

Think about it, If you meet someone on the street, do you give them your money or your hands and legs to control? No, right?

So how can we give random strangers the ability to make us feel good or bad based on what they think of us?

We cannot let people on social media, random strangers or even our loved ones make us feel good or bad. We cannot tie our self worth to what others think of us.

Even if what they say is good. Because if someone can give you something, they can also take it away.

Anytime, Hilde was doubted or made fun of, she didn’t stop working, because she defined who she is.

And, it’s the same for you, You have to decide who you are, You have to decide what you can or cannot do. If you can’t let others control your hands and legs, don’t let them control who you are and what you can do.

The Real name of Hilde Lisko is Hilde Lysiak, and you can find her newsletter here,
If you have the time, please write her a mail at and appreciate her work :))

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