“How “trying” To Run 100k In 30 Days Changed My Perspective Towards Life.”

In May 2021,
I was the laziest I have ever been. Whole days were spent sitting, which caused a lot of back pain and excessive body Fat.

So, to turn this situation around I decided to challenge myself to run 100 kilometres in 30 days.
Which to be honest, is not a huge distance. But for me, it meant a huge lifestyle change.
Although I did not complete the 100k, (could manage 70K), but this journey taught me incredible things about life, habit formation and self-development in general.

SO, here’s what I learned from trying to run 100k in 30 days.

And remember, all of these ideas are about running and also not about running.

Slow down to speed up

With a new challenge comes a newfound excitement, which fades away quicker than my luck.
And this new challenge’s excitement made me run far more than my body could handle, which lead to break down and not wanting to run.

Oftentimes, our mission is to get to the destination as fast as possible, but we often forget that the joy is not in the destination, it’s in the journey.

Running 100k wasn’t going to help me, running every day might.
Since then, I have always try to pause periodically to reflect on my journey and to take it easy.

“If it not easy, does not mean it has to be too hard”

Don’t Be Realistic

When you pick a new goal, being realistic is not the best idea.
I have tried 50k challenges multiple times in past, but I could only run 20k that month.

Why did I pick 50k? I chose to be realistic,
Well, not this time.

The target 100k Is obviously bigger than I had ever done, and I did not run the complete 100k.
But this time, I pushed myself to 70k, which is far better than the 20k I did before.
I failed the 100k challenge, but this time I FAILED 50K ahead of my older version.

That’s the goal. To fail forward.

“You don’t know how strong you are until being strong is the only option”

If you can’t do the run you want to, do the run you can

Nature’s first rule is to test your determination.
Every time you try something new, you will find that everyone and everything around you is an obstacle.
When I started this challenge, it started raining.
My freelance workload increased, online course timings changed to the time I had blocked to run.

Even when you try to do something that makes you uncomfortable, you might have noticed the sudden increase in work and all other external obligations.
And there is so much we cannot control, but the few things that we can are extremely important.
I could not control the rain, but I can control myself. “Do what you can, where you are, with what you have”.

We all play the zero-sum game, that either I will do it completely or not at all, whereas this is not ideal.
You can’t control the things around you, but you can control how you respond to them.

Sometimes you can’t do the run you want to, do the run you can.

Run for 5 mins, but run.

Don’t underestimate or abuse your body

When you start running, you make either of these two mistakes.
Either you do too much or you do too little.
Do yourself a favour, and don’t fall for any of these.

You deserve better.
When you start something new, there is a voice inside your brain asking you to stop.


This is resistance trying to pull you down.
Your brain was made to survive, you have to train it to thrive.

Similarly, when you are deep into the habit of running,
You get addicted to it (at least me)

So, even when your body needs rest,
There is still a voice asking you to continue
And this is when things get tricky,
This is when you have to know the difference between discipline and getting hurt.

Have the courage to know when to start and the wisdom to know when it’s the time to stop.


This is probably the most overlooked part of running and life.

When we are young, relaxing and taking a break is looked down on.
But you don’t realise that,
While everyone is working hard, the person who wins is the one who has the same energy to work hard the next morning and beyond.

This is where recovery comes in, to take a step back so that we can take two steps forward.
So, rest, recover and come back stronger.

Forgive yourself

Some days, you just don’t feel like running.
But then this guilt kicks in and makes your life miserable. At these moments, remember that’s okay to skip a day.

We are humans, not machines, we can always get back at it tomorrow.
Just don’t skip two days in a row.

Don’t try to run every day, try to be a runner

The reason we give up on making new habits is that we try to change the outcome, not the identity.
And a good example of this from atomic habits would be,

Suppose we both were addicted to cigarettes and we are trying to quit smoking. And at a party, we are offered cigarettes, and I say, “No thanks, I am trying to quit smoking”. Seems like a normal response. right?

On the other hand, you respond by saying, “No thanks, I am not a smoker anymore”.
Notice, how such a small change of words makes such a huge difference, I was trying to change the outcome, you are trying to change your identity.

So, if I wanted to build the habit of running, running 100k would be changing outcomes but running every day would be changing my identity.
And even better, I don’t have to force myself to run, I just have to be a runner. And what does a runner do?

they run.

Try to change your identity, not the outcomes.

The goal of this challenge was to build consistency with running, and I somewhat achieved that,
So, if you are planning a challenge of your own, I would love to hear about it.
Until Next Time,
Pushkar Singh.

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