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On Seeking Discomfort: Inspired by Yes Theory

I have been binge-watching recently, and my guilty pleasure these days is the YouTube channel, Yes Theory, where each episode they take up a challenge that makes them uncomfortable, whether it’s bungee jumping from a helicopter over the Grand Canyon or asking strangers to skydive with them. Every episode they actively try to “seek discomfort”.

And this reminded me of my past addiction, challenging myself to the limits, to go above and beyond what I thought was possible. Since the past year, the athletic training has stopped and I have been in my comfort zone ever since, and this must change.

Everything Can be trained

Everything good in me has come through seeking discomfort. As a kid, I did not have the confidence to speak English, I used to rehearse a sentence 5 times before actually speaking it, the good part was, I always tried to speak, I did not just sit in the corner, and now if you know me, I can speak well.

Similarly, I am terrified of public speaking, specially talking on zoom calls, that is a reason I joined a small community of problem solvers from Twitter (Young Tweeps) and that is where I developed the confidence of speaking and addressing an audience.

The mindset that had always helped me is, “everything can be trained”, If you put in the time and effort, you can always improve yourself.

“strength cannot be born from strength,

Strength can only be born from weakness,

So be proud of your weakness,

They are the beginning of your strengths.”

So, it is the right time to bring back that mindset and actively step out of the comfort zone, because that is where Growth happens.

What is your discomfort?

Let’s start by asking, what puts me in the most discomfort these days?

For me, it is.


The lockdown is tough, and focusing is even tougher, with 1-minute reels and 5 mins abs, we all want instant reward, but if you want to master a skill, long hours of deep focused work is what that gets you there, so this is my discomfort these days, the ability to focus.


To focus for long hours, I am going to take my own advice from one of my previous post on How to beat distraction.

Also, to challenge myself each day,

I will have two daily challenge, something that makes me go out of my comfort zone, it might be going 2 mins extra on the plank, running an extra mile, cooking, or just about anything, something that makes me uncomfortable so that I can challenge my limits and go beyond them.

And I encourage you too, to find your limits and go beyond them, to challenge your assumptions, to do what scares you, to have 3 small wins every day.

I need an accountability partner.

If challenging yourself and finding the best version of yourself is right up your alley, I would encourage you to be my accountability partner, where we both hold each other accountable for the discomforts we try to conquer every day(details below).

So, what do you say?

Let’s smash our fears, and find our best selves,

Let’s ,


If you are interested to become my accountability partner, you can mail me at or you can visit this link, or just post a comment below, lets grow together…

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