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The Truth About Job Security.

If there was one thing that Indians value above politics, it would be Job security.

Everyone around you will advise you to pick a stable career with a well-defined path.

Probably the reason why there is such a high demand for government jobs in India.

But, for people like me, progress is far more important than job security, the less travelled road always seems more fun to me.

and to be honest, most people get job security wrong,

because if an institution can train you to be what you are today, it can also train someone else to replace you. To be unreplaceable, you have to have knowledge that isn’t explicitly taught at universities. You have to combine knowledge from different domains and find a way to use them together so that you can build leverage through combined wisdom.

I chose to study psychology and computer science in college(completely online via OSSU),

And I kept getting asked,

Do you get jobs in psychology?

Who will recruit you with hours of YouTube content of study?

Sometimes, I feel like I am going in the wrong direction, but what keeps me going is the fact that I know

My competence is my job security.

Just because someone went to college, does not mean they actually know something, and if they do, I’m pretty sure they learnt it on their own.

You always find people not so great at school but still who manage to do better than everyone else. Why is that?

Because school trains you to learn from limited resources and you never actually apply what you learn, whereas life — I feel — is a totally different game.

People like James Clear, Tim Ferriss, Ali Abdaal have made it,  but they still continue to learn every day.

Because being good at life requires life-long learning.

School is great to make students follow rules and make friends, but not learning.

So, the next time you think about your career or “Job Security”, don’t think of the degrees and certificates you have acquired,

Think of your competence,

Your ability to solve problems and serve people with the knowledge that you have,

Because that’s how you grow,

Solving real-world problems.

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