Getting Back on track

How To Be Productive Again

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Being consistent in lockdown is tough.

And consistency is something I have struggled with throughout the lockdown.

Chances are, you might have also found yourself off track, wanting to get back.

So, where do we start, 

How do we reverse our bad habits and get back to good ones?

How do we get on track to be the person we want to become?

The answer to this question is simple yet difficult.

It’s not the answer we want, but one we absolutely need.

Be tough in the next decision you make.

Whatever you are about to do next, be tough and make the right choice.

When you procrastinate, you are running away from discomfort towards comfort in the form of movies and web series.

But, to get back on track, we have to fight the discomfort of coming out of our comfort zones.

The brain was designed to survive, we have to train them to thrive.

No matter what, the initial phase of discomfort is inevitable.

And there is a reason, getting back on track is difficult, because you are doing something good, something worthwhile, so nature tests you.

So, be tough in the next decision you make.

The brain will try to rationalise procrastination in many ways, the easiest to be fooled by are self-help books and motivational videos.

Trust me, you don’t need help, you need execution.

Just like, I dint to write this article just yet, my brain tells me to get a writing course then write this article. 

I held my line.

I took the tough decision.

I hope you are tough in the next decision you make.

There is no shortcut,

No hack,

There is only one way,


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  1. That’s so true, a rut can be exhausting to be in, specially when your used to being productive. Tough calls are firm grippers. Love how you share ideas and help people learn.

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