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How I fish for Interesting Ideas…

The Netflix documentary, Jiro Dreams of sushi, explores how the best sushi is made, and what’s surprising is, that the journey does not start from the kitchen, but the crowded marketplace where the experts find the best fish 4:30 In the morning.

So this got me thinking, maybe this is the case with art, The best article does not start when I sit down to write, the best article starts when I feed my brain with good ideas, just like the chef was fighting to get the best fish, as a creative, my constant search is the best quality input so that I can produce the best quality output.

The more quality stuff I read, the more it will fuel the writing which will again fuel the reading.

Social Media Is Your Online Brain

Take a look at your social media feed, what topics appear frequently? What clips are recommended to you again and again? Which thumbnails do you click without thought?

It is very important that you realize, your social media feed is your online brain, the better ideas you find in your social media feed, the better output you will produce when you create something new.

Just like the old saying goes, “you are the average of 5 people around you”, today, “You are the average of 5 creators whose work you consume”

So, now that I have optimzed my consumtions, how do I use the quality input to produce a quality output?

Building my Idea Factory

So whenever I find new and interesting ideas, they go in my drafts in notion, which will then be processed and saved under a category

For this article, this idea hit me when I was watching the documentary, that moment, I opened up notion and typed out in loose details so that I don’t forget what the idea is while not disrupting my mood to watch the documentary. Later, I expanded on that idea and took notes for my future self to understand.

Then these notes site in my second brain(Notion) , until I find a way to link them.

When I have made some sort of connection, I make a new page in my blog database, linking the notes to that page.

and this whole process might seem tedious, but it helps me conquer all the creative blocks by feeding on borrowed creativity.

Learning In Public

The notes I make when I read a book, listen to a podcast, take an online course are placed in my workspace, but no one benefits from them except myself, so I have decided to restructure the website with a new section, Notebook, where I post all my notes and learn in public so that not only me but also you benefit from my extensive obsession of learning. How does this Idea sound?

The notebook is where my ideas will mingle with each other and hopefully produce something original. A place where you can see me form connections along the way, so if this idea resonates with you, please let me know, super excited to receive your feedback.

until next time👋

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