The Indian Herd Mentality

How To Not Be happy: The Indian Herd Mentality

You might have heard this phrase before, “If they jump in the well, would you too?”

As kids, this herd mentality was discouraged and our parents gave us enough reasons to not do what the other kids were doing.

But, have you noticed this change when we grow up?

Now, when we want to do something different, maybe pick an unorthodox career path, or start working on your passions, the things you hear is

No one is doing this, why are you do this? Why don’t you try your hand at x, everyone of your friend is doing it…

The same parents, the same child, what changed?

And this is how we enter the Indian herd mentality, Either we are pushed into it or we haven’t decided something for ourselves and others make decisions for us.

If you scored good in 10th, you take up science,
If you did moderate then there is commerce, and then arts.

But, isn’t this so unfair to our potential?

Most of us take science and then eventually engineering because we hear about these high payment packages and take inspiration from Musk, Zuckerberg or Gates.

But the truth is, every moment is technology happens only once. So, if you are copying successful people, you are actually not learning from them.

What gets you to take engineering is the hope of a high payment package and easy life, but as it turns out, all this is your survivorship, Bias.

There is no guarantee that if you take the same path as someone else, you will reach where they did.

No matter how good you are, there is always a chance to fail. And if there is a chance to fail, might as well fail to do what you love.

Now, I know when you hear the word, “Do what you love”. It feels like a phrase reserved for some wealthy people. But, the idea of doing what it loves is not that It would make you successful, but it would make the journey to success more enjoyable.

Most of us are just chasing some undefined definition of success, and I am pretty sure we will never reach there, even if we do, that moment might last for only a few minutes, for the majority, it’s the daily grind, things that you do every day that matter. So, if you enjoy what you do daily, you will never wait for that destination.

Because we have to choose,
Life before death,
Strength Before Weakness,
Journey Before destination.

And if you decide to do what you love, another question you have to answer is “Job Security“.

You might think that being an engineer or a doctor makes my job secure. Most people dont realise that if a university can train you for something that you are today, it can also train someone else to replace you. How secure is your job then?

True Job security is your competence, your ability to make things happen. We will never know if a decision is right or wrong, but what we can know is if we would regret not doing it.

So, take decisions to avoid regrets, not failures and focus more on the journey rather than the destination.

If you dont make decisions for yourself, others will.

And it is much better to fail with your own decision rather than to have a lifelong regret with someone else’s decision.

So, make decisions for yourself.

You did not jump in the well back then. Dont start now.

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