Someone needs to crush you

Why Someone Needs To Crush You

When the famous comedian Jerry Seinfeld was starting out his career, he would aim to perform at various comedy clubs.

Amongst the many, The Manhattan Comedy was the most famous as here many rookies were turned into pros. So Jerry tried every chance he had to get shows.

But, he just dint get any slots, making him believe the club is already booked by other eminent artists, but at times, he would notice that even though the club was vacant, still the owner of the comedy club dint give Jerry the slot, so he decided to ask the owner about it.

And to his surprise, the owner said, “Your artist isn’t out yet, you need to be crushed, and I am going to be the person who crushes you”.

Any artist was an amateur mindset would be intimidated and dispirited. But Jerry was a professional.

Instead of being discouraged, he was motivated.
Instead of seeing the remark as destructive, he chose to see it as instructive.

Because getting feedbacks is how we grow.

The Amateur gets discouraged when someone does not appreciate their work. The Professional asks, “How can I improve?”

Because a professional knows,

What you throw on top of a fire is a fuel for the fire, What stands in the way. becomes the way.

So, the next time someone talks ill about your craft. Be a professional. Take their feedback, seriously, not personally.

And if someone or something tries to stop you from doing what you love, thank god for their presence in your life.

Because for a professional, the obstacle is the way.

The more problems you have, the stronger you become.

If you do something important, nature is going to test you, Not to pull you down, but to make you stronger for what is to come.

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